Accessories to Keep You Safe at the Marina

When at the marina, Monroe, Michigan residents want to make sure that they are safe so that they have an enjoyable time. There are a few accessories that help to promote safety and make your time at the dock more accessible and convenient. Check out these accessories to determine if any are right for you.


Stairs with a Hand Railing


Adding stairs if they are not already present makes it easier to get in and out of your boat at the marina. If there are stairs, adding a hand railing promotes safety for those using the stairs. You can find portable stairs and hand railings for boat docks that are easily to put into place and remove as you need to enter and exit the marina.


Boat Dock Lighting


There are a number of portable lighting options that you can utilize to ensure better lighting around your boat. This makes it easier to see so that you can safely navigate the docks at night or during the day when it is low light.


Ring Buoys


Placing ring buoys around your boat is an important safety feature. It is important that these are easy to remove if an emergency arises, but they should be held in place well. Make sure that they are very visible since the point of having them is so that they are easy to spot by someone who falls into the water and needs help staying above the water’s surface.


Anti-Slip Covering


This type of covering is a good idea since the surfaces at the marina and on your boat can get slippery. These are very quick and simple to install and will help you to keep your footing on wet surfaces.


First Aid Kit


You want to have a first aid kit available at all times. Minor injuries can generally be treated onboard your boat as long as you have the right supplies. Make sure that you have supplies like medical tape, scissors, sterile gauze and a compression bandage. Basic over-the-counter ointments and medications should be in your kit. Ice packs, burn cream and supplies like sunscreen are also a good idea since you are going to be active outdoors when you are on your boat.


There are a number of accessories that are ideal for your boat at a marina in Monroe, Michigan. These help to keep you safe and secure when you are enjoying some time on your boat.

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