Advice and Tips for Effective Boating Communication

After leaving boat storage, Michigan residents are excited to get their vessel prepped and on the water. However, you want to take a few minutes to establish some rules and etiquette for communication to make sure that all of your boating ventures are safe and fun. There is some general advice, as well as some great tips, that will make sure that you and all of your passengers are always on the same page.

Keep a List of Boating Terms Handy

If you are an avid boater, there are a number of terms that you know that might not be familiar to those who are just casual passengers on your vessel. There are several common terms that people should know and you might want to keep a short list of these and their meanings in a place where everyone can see. Since you are on the water, it is a good idea to laminate this so that it is always easy to read. The following terms should go on this list:

  • Bow
  • Forward
  • Underway
  • Stern
  • Aft
  • Ahead
  • Port
  • Port bow
  • Starboard bow
  • Astern
  • Starboard
  • Port quarter
  • Starboard quarter
  • Topside
  • Amidships

Get a Loudspeaker

While this is not something you want to use at the marina because it could be disruptive to your neighbors, it is definitely something that you want to use when you are on the water. With the boat engine humming and everyone talking and having a good time, some information might not be heard by all passengers. This is a way to amplify your voice so that no important information is lost. It is also a great way to call people in from the water when they leave the boat for a swim or for water sports. 

Make the Rules Clear

As the captain of the vessel, you are free to make your own rules. In fact, having some basic rules is a great way to keep all of the passengers, as well as yourself, safer at all times. You should discuss these rules as soon as everyone boards your boat the marina. Make sure that everyone understands and then you can set off on your voyage It is also a good idea to make sure that everyone knows where the radio is located just in case.

Effective boating communication is not too hard once you have a small plan in place. As soon as you are ready to remove your vessel from boat storage in Michigan, you want to take the time to establish any communication rules or guidelines. Make sure that passengers of all ages are aware so that everyone always knows what is going on.


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