Amenities that Make Boat Life Easy

For those on the lookout for a marina in Monroe, Michigan, there are things to consider that could make life easier. While these things may not be crucial, they greatly simplify everything. Indeed, if things can be simple, why let them be complicated?


Any marina in Monroe, Michigan should be able to offer access to power. This is important because it keeps the batteries charged. In addition, it allows individuals to spend time on the boat in the marina without draining its batteries or having to run their generator. It is worth to understand one’s vessel’s power needs, and to ensure that the berth is able to meet those requirements.


Water is pretty basic, and just because of that, it can be easily forgotten. Again, any marina in Monroe, Michigan, should provide access to water. This is crucial to keep the vessel’s tanks full, and to keep it clean.


While Wi-Fi is by no means an important amenity, in today’s world, it has become a necessity. Even if one doesn’t plan on working while on the boat, they could still want to unwind by watching a movie on Netflix, for instance, and for this, access to the internet is needed.

Food Options

For those thinking of spending the night on their boat, having a marina with a restaurant and some sort of store might be quite important. While it is true that one can purchase such things ahead of time, it is a lot more convenient to have the ability to enjoy breakfast and coffee in the marina without having to worry about planning the eating schedule beforehand.

Cleaning Facilities

Things like bathroom, showers and laundry facilities fit nicely into this category. Having these available makes it easier to stay for longer periods of time, whether that is for a few days or a week.

Life on a boat doesn’t have to be stripped of certain “luxuries” people are used to having at home. While it is true that having such things isn’t a huge necessity, it is nice to be surrounded by as much comfort as possible.


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