Amenities to Consider When Choosing a Marina

Deciding on an indoor boat storage facility in Michigan can be difficult. Not only will you have to select a facility that can accommodate your vessel, but you will need to determine the location, storage options, and more. With all of the decisions to make, many forget about the amenities. But, the amenities that a marina offers can enhance the enjoyment and boating experience. An increasing number of marinas now offer on-site restaurants, club rooms, recreational facilities, transportation services, and more. For this reason, owners need to review the amenities before choosing a location. This article provides owners with a helpful guide of all the additional amenities a marina can offer.


On-Site Restaurants

While you are looking at marinas, it is important to take note of any restaurants that they have on-site. Having a restaurant on the grounds allows for easy access to quality food. This is an important amenity to consider because it can prevent you from having to leave the facility to enjoy a meal. This disruption can result in lengthy delays if the location is remote. Rather, having a selection of restaurants to choose from ensures you can remain on-site and enjoying your watercraft for the entire day.


Club Rooms

Another feature that owners should consider looking at when selecting a marina are club rooms. Club rooms are typically spaces that all members of the marina have access to. These rooms are offered to owners as a place to relax and socialize with other people around the marina


Recreational Facilities

Many marinas also offer recreational facilities for their members. Common recreational facilities that marinas have are tennis courts and pools. These facilities can impact how enjoyable their time is at the marina by giving them more to do. Recreational courts are a feature that families may want to consider when looking for a marina to use. Having access to these facilities can help to entertain children without the need to leave the marina. Plus, it offers an opportunity to socialize with other members, maintain your fitness, and stay active.


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