Awesome Items to Better Organize Your Boat

When cleaning a boat at the marina, Lake Erie boaters are sure to find that a lot of stuff accumulates in their vessel. However, you can keep your vessel tidy even if you have kids or guests onboard frequently. All you need are the right organizational items that take up very little space, so you can ensure that everything is put away while still carrying everything on your boat that you deem important.

Back of Seat Organizer

This is a cool accessory that hangs on the back of any seats on your boat with an exposed back. It has a number of individual pouches for things like children’s toys, small cups, wet wipes and tissues, stationery items, small charging cords and other small items that you want to have handy on your boat. You can easily organize it and make sure that you have these items within reach at all times.

Shower Caddy Organizers

These come in multiple styles, sizes and colors. You want to get the ones that have the suction cups on them, so you can stick them to the walls of your boat. These can be especially helpful in the captain’s area or in a small boat bathroom where you need to keep items, but you have no shelf space for them. You can hold things like small hygiene items, writing utensils and even small devices.

Small Trash Can

There are small trash cans that collapse when there is nothing in them, so they take up very little space. When you need to clean up, you just put a small bag inside like you would a regular trash can, and this prevents trash from accumulating on your boat. These usually have a few extra small pouches to carry small items too, such as your boat cleaning supplies, for extra organization.

Seat Storage

Some boats have this type of seating already, but if yours doesn’t, you can usually add them without too much of an issue. With these seats, the seat component actually lifts up and there is storage space below it. This is a great place to put fishing gear and other items that you do not need to grab in a hurry. It helps to reduce clutter on your boat.

As you can see, it is not that difficult to organize your boat while you are at the marina on Lake Erie. These items make it easy and add a bit more functionality to your boat while also ensuring that it is neat and tidy at all times. Just make sure to get the best size concerning these items for your boat if there are multiple options.

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