Best “Boat Warming” Gifts to Celebrate a Friend’s New Boat

After getting a new vessel and removing it from heated boat storage, Michigan boaters might consider having a “boat warming” party to introduce their new boat to their friends and family. If this happens, just like with a housewarming party, you want to ensure that you opt for a great gift if you are an invited guest. There are several options that are ideal for congratulating a friend on their new boat. Having some ideas will make choosing the perfect gift quick and easy.

Food and Drink Gifts

Food and drinks are always a good choice because they can be used on the boat and everyone loves a nice treat. There are a few options that are simple and will work for just about every recipient.

Coffees and teas are always great gift ideas because most people will enjoy these. Coffee and tea can be used to kickstart the day or to relax after a hard day of working on the boat. These also serve as great options when someone entertains, and they can be used as a refreshment when getting to know new marina neighbors one on one.

Everyone enjoys a sweet treat from time to time and nothing is better than indulging in a bit of candy and chocolate. Go for a homemade candy or chocolate or options that are considered to be gourmet. These will definitely be appreciated and will show that you put some thought into the gift.

Many people are cooking with olive oil today because it is a healthier alternative to most other cooking oils. A nice bottle can work to decorate the cooking area of the cabin, and give them something to cook a healthier meal with when they host cookouts or dinner parties on their boat. Olive oil can be used for many things, from pastas to salads.

Boat and Water Items

Food and drink gifts are pretty universal, meaning that just about everyone will appreciate receiving them, but since this is a boat, items that work for a vessel are also a solid choice. The following are items you might consider for this type of gift:

  • A compass to help with navigation and for a decorative touch
  • Rain coat to keep boaters dry should an unexpected storm hit
  • Map of the local waterways
  • Binoculars
  • Captain’s chair pad
  • Customized life jacket with the person’s name
  • Marinized mobile device
  • Insulated cups
  • Small grill for onboard barbecues

Any of these gifts, or a combination, are ideal for just about any boater. They can quickly start putting them to good use once they get their new vessel out of heated boat storage in Michigan.


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