Boat Engine Maintenance Basics

Your boat is likely one of your most precious material assets that needs regular care. That said, it’s a big job, and you may not have a lot of time on your hands to handle every aspect. Always check your manual for specific tips pertaining to your boat make and model.

Here are some basics tips to help you keep your boat engine in great condition.

Before and After Trips

Before you take the boat out, be sure to check your fuel and that the vent is open. Make sure that the water intake is clear of debris as well. After your trips out, be sure to flush out the engine and check the water pump while you are flushing the engine. A weak flow could indicate blockage.

Proper Storage

Keep your boat well-insulated through winter to protect weather damage. You should be able to find a local marina that offers a variety of boat storage options, from heated storage to rack n’ launch to shrink wrap. A simple canvas tarp or cover for times when you’ll be away from the boat is important as well.


You should be changing the oil on your boat about every 50 hours of use, or once a season. The oil should be clean and refilled regularly to keep the engine running well.

As you do this, check around all the tanks and fuel areas to ensure that there is no water in your tanks and that there is no oil buildup in odd places such as the propeller.


Make sure that coolant is at a proper level so that your engine doesn’t overheat Regularly check the fuel line, tanks and primer bulb for damage and check the f-clamps for rust. You should also be making sure fuel doesn’t have water in it. When you flush the engine after every trip, you should disconnect the fuel line to let the carb fuel burn.

At the Marina

A full-service marina will offer a few things that you can use to keep your boat in the best shape possible and ensure that you’re caring for the environment as well. Beyond the basic services such as pump outs and fuel, some marinas offer extra help such as assistance fixing electronics, refinishing, woodworking, and fiberglass repair.

Don’t forget to regularly the outside of your boat for dents, nicks and scratches as these can easily lead to corrosion and damage. Regular waxing can help prevent this. If you have questions about maintenance or need regular assistance keeping your boat in great shape, check in with a full-service marina in Michigan.



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