Boat Maintenance for First Year Owners

Those who have just bought a boat may feel incredibly excited about the sheer amount of fun opportunities that they have just unleashed. However, owning a vessel also means a great deal of responsibilities, which includes deciding where to keep it during the summer, and if one should opt for heated boat storage in Michigan during the winter months. In addition, one should also know what sort of things they should do when it comes to its maintenance.


For those who live in colder climates, ensuring that they winterize the boat’s engine when fall comes is crucial. Indeed, this is important because the cooling systems have the potential of trapping water, which can then freeze and damage the engine. Fogging oil should be used to keep the engine from corroding, while an oil change should also be done at this point. It is also a good idea to take the boat to be inspected for any sort of damage. At this point, many individuals opt for heated boat storage in Michigan in order to keep their vessel safe from the harsh elements of winter.

Underwater parts

The hardware that is located underwater should also be checked annually. Another important thing here is to check the paint that comes into contact with water. Indeed, this paint is very important, as it keeps different marine life from growing on the bottom of the vessel. Depending on the type of paint that is used, the bottom should be redone annually, or up to every three years.

Electricity and Batteries

Usually, batteries last about three years, and in some cases, even more. Nevertheless, even new batteries can break down, which is why one should be especially careful if they notice that their engine starts with difficulty. Batteries should be charged at the end of every use of the vessel, and before taking it to heated boat storage in Michigan. Finally, if one notices water leakage on the panels of electricity, they should immediately tend to it.


While many people neglect this aspect, it is quite important. Stains should be addressed about once or twice each season, and the entire upholstery should be treated using a water repellent. When one is not using the vessel, cushions should be stored on their edges to ensure that they stay dry.

Taking care of a vessel for beginners may seem like a tricky business, but all it takes is a little research to gain a better understanding of the whole process.


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