Cool Boat Gadgets for More Fun and Smoother Sailing

There’s some basic gear that most boaters have primarily for safety reasons. But these days there are a range of gadgets that can assist your boating in various ways. If you’re looking for the newest boat accessories for family fun in Michigan, read on.

Sunglasses With a Built-in Display

It’s now possible to find sunglasses that show a digital display nautical information like water depth and boat speed as part of the frame. You can wear them all day, hands-free and never have to worry about coming back to your GPS or dash when it’s not needed.

They are light and wireless, and you can even wear them over prescription lenses.

Solar Charger

It’s now easy to find small solar-powered generators that you can use to recharge boat batteries should they die unexpectedly. This is a great little all-purpose tool for any outdoor activity, and is also good to have around the house in case of power outages. It’s a great investment because you can use it year-round in a variety of settings.

Gopro Camera

These tiny cameras that you can attach to your head or even your pet are now commonplace and quite affordable. Of course, they’re waterproof, so if you’re looking to buy a camera at all specifically for your marine adventures, it might be a good idea to just buy one of these for everything and call it a day.

Wearable Tracking Devices

It’s now possible to buy watch-like devices that your family and even pets can wear that works as a safety alarm system. This type of accessory is great for those who spend a lot of time supervising large groups of kids and teens in marine areas.

Portable Waterproof Speakers

These days there are a range of portable speakers to choose from that are designed specifically to survive the outdoors—and the sound just keeps getting better and better.

Thermal Cameras

When you’re out at night on a dark lake, it can be hard to navigate exactly where you’re going when you’re coming back to dock. Now there’s such thing as thermal cameras which essentially work in any light level.

There’s no doubt that technology these days is amazing, and having a couple of new gadgets on board can make all our boating activities much more interesting and even educational. When you have the right accessories, it’s just more fun for everyone.






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