Easy Ways to Enhance Family Safety at the Marina

With a family boating marina, Michigan residents can do a few things to make sure that everyone at the marina is as safe as possible. You likely have kids with you, and maybe even a pet, so make sure to take the steps to ensure safety as soon as you arrive. This helps to ensure that everyone has a great time and knows how to protect themselves.

Institute a “No Running” Rule for All Boaters

Running on the docks makes it a lot easier for people to trip and fall. This is especially true for younger kids who tend to be a bit clumsier than adults are. Just make sure that you are leading by example and that you do not run either. When everyone walks at a safe pace, there is a lesser chance of anyone accidentally falling into the water.

Avoid Congested Areas

At the marina, there are certain areas that are always going to be busier than others and you want to avoid these when you have the family in tow. If you need to go to an area that is especially busy, go by yourself and have another adult stay with the kids. Not only does this make it safer, but you can also complete the task faster when you do it by yourself.

Another part of this is the fueling dock. You surely know about the days and times when it is the busiest. Try fueling your boat when it is not quite as busy. This makes it go faster and it reduces the risk of a boating accident should another vessel get too close.

Put Life Jackets on Right Away

Do not wait to get to the boat to put life jackets on since everyone is going to be close to the water as soon as they step onto the dock. Instead, put them on once everyone gets out of the car, before you enter the marina.

Know the Marina

If you are at a new marina, head there by yourself or with another adult on the first visit. Get to know it and pick up a map if one is available. When you know exactly where to go, this makes the entire trip safer, as well as more pleasant and efficient.

You can see that it is not too hard to be safe when you are at the family boating marina in Michigan with people of all ages. Just set the rules early and ensure that everyone who you bring with you understands them. With younger children, it is a good idea to review the rules on occasion so that they can easily remember them.


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