Enjoying Tow Sports

Tow sports can be a great deal of fun, and they are a wonderful way of enjoying one’s boat and taking it out of its marina in MI. There are plenty of activities that fit in the category of tow sports, including tubing, waterskiing, and wakeboarding.


As with anything, safety should be the first and foremost thing on everyone’s minds. As such, a life jacket should be worn at all times when one is enjoying tow sports. The jacket should be well-fitted, which means that it shouldn’t budge, while still being comfortable to wear.


Next, the equipment should be inspected to ensure that it is in a state that allows for good performance. Deteriorated or otherwise impaired parts of equipment represent a danger, or could simply make the experience be much less fun than it would be if one were using proper equipment.

Another thing that should be inspected is the area where one is planning to enjoy the sports. One should ensure that the place is not close to the shore, or in a place where the water is shallow. In addition, things like pilings, watercrafts, swimmers, or docks represent potential dangers. As such, the perfect area to do this in is one that’s as far away from these sorts of distractions as possible.

Engine Off

When the rider enters or exits the water, the captain should ensure that the boat engine is turned off so that the rider can get installed properly.


The rider cannot control anything to do with the boat, which includes the direction it is going and its speed. With this in mind, before leaving the marina in MI, one should have a chat with the rider to establish hand signals that will be used in the course of the activity. This ensures that the rider will be able to let the captain know when they want to slow down or when they want to stop.


In most states, having an individual who always has visual contact with the rider is required by law. Even in those where it is not, having a spotter is very important, as the captain cannot look ahead to see where he or she is driving the boat and back at the rider at the same time. Because of this, he or she may miss the signals the rider gives them, which is potentially very dangerous. A spotter solves this problem.

Tow sports are fun, but they have to be practiced responsibly, which starts before one even leaves their marina in MI. As long as one is careful, this activity will soon become their favorite way of spending time on the water.


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