Being Environmentally Friendly While Docking

Plenty of people like to think of themselves as environmentally friendly. Indeed, being so is even more important for boaters, as the oceans are very easily disturbed. Luckily, there are steps one can take to keep the oceans clean and safe, even while one is docking in a marina in Monroe, Michigan.

Avoiding Spills

To avoid gas and oil leaks, one should remember that the boat should always be fueled while it is docking in a marina in Monroe, Michigan, and not while one is sailing. In addition, one should prepare mats or any other elements that absorb the oil that could drip on the floor of the boat. Of course, one should also be aware of the gas capacity of the tank, so as to not overfill it. Finally, before going on a trip, one should be sure to check if there are any cracks that could lead to spills and properly repair them.


Cleaning is an activity that one usually performs when docking in their marina in Monroe, Michigan. While it is the sort of chore people usually think little of, it is also one of the activities that could affect the waters. Indeed, when one is cleaning, there could be leaks of the used chemicals that, once they arrive in the water, can harm them. As such, one should always use products that are green and safe, when products are indeed needed. However, in most cases, one will find that a simple cleaning with a brush and water will do the trick.

Proper Paint

Since the bottom of a boat is the part that comes into contact with the water the most, the paint used for it should be environmentally friendly. Indeed, in the past, lots of the paints used had copper oxide, which is harmful to marine wildlife when leaked. To ensure that this is not the case, one can simply use alternative paints that are safe for the oceans. As such, when painting the boat, one will do two things at once: they will protect it from rust while protecting the water it is used on.

Avoid Greywater

Greywater is the one that comes from the sinks onboard. While having these sorts of amenities on the boat is a great convenience, one should use them in a way that is mindful of the environment. As such, it is best if an individual can do as much of their laundry, dishwashing, and any other sort of washing on shore at the marina.

Practicing responsible sailing starts at the marina, but luckily, with a few steps, anyone can become environmentally friendly.


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