Essential Items to Keep in Your Boat

There are certain items that every boat owner needs to keep on board. Not only can these items prove to be helpful while you are on the water, but some are necessary to maintain the watercraft’s safety, and mitigate damage in case of an accident. Despite these benefits, many boat owners are unaware of what they should keep on their boat, while in storage in Monroe and when they are enjoying it on the water. Rather than risk being unprepared, continue onto the article below where all the items you should keep on board are highlighted.

Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Being on the water for an extended period of time can expose you to harsh elements. If you are not prepared with items that mitigate the effects of these elements, you may be at risk of suffering from harm. For this reason, it is essential that all owners keep sunscreen and bug spray on hand. Using these items can help to prevent a number of consequences such as sunburn, heat stroke, bites, and allergic reactions.

Fire Extinguisher

An important piece of equipment that owners should keep on board is a fire extinguisher. This tool is necessary to help mitigate the damage caused by fires. Fires are caused in the engine by overheating from friction or malfunctioning parts. When this scenario occurs, having a fire extinguisher is the quickest and best way to put out the blaze. In turn, mitigating damage to your vessel and preventing injuries on board.

Emergency Signal Flares

To mitigate the damage caused by accidents, it is important to keep on board emergency signal flares. Flares are needed to send a signal for help in the event of an emergency. Without these on board, receiving help can be difficult. This is due to the fact that emergency crews may not be able to locate your vessel. So, to prevent this while you’re on board its recommended to carry signal flares so you can focus on having fun.

Clean Water

All boaters need to keep an additional supply of clean water on board their vessel. Not only can this prevent you from needing to cut the trip short but it is essential to maintain the health and safety of everyone on board. This is especially true in case an accident was to occur and you need to wait for rescue. Keeping clean water on board will keep everyone hydrated and having a great time.

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