Exploring the Different Boat Anchor Options

When at the marina, Monroe, Michigan boaters want to evaluate their vessel and ensure that it has everything that it needs. One of the most important parts of your boat is the anchor because it helps to keep it in place when you are docked or otherwise stationary. There are several anchor types to learn more about so that you can consider your boat and pick the one that is the best match.

Claw Anchor

When it comes to recreational boaters in the United States, this is the most commonly used anchor. It was the 1970s when this style of anchor was created and it has since evolved. It is considered to be sort of an all-purpose anchor due to its performance and abilities. It is a good choice for a variety of different sea bottoms, such as sand, rock, mud, grass and coral. It has a three-claw design, making sure that it sets easily, especially compared to other types of anchors.

Wing Anchor

This choice is considered to be a plow-style anchor. There are two primary designs, including a one-piece design and a hinged design. The hinged type actually goes back to the 1930s, so it has been used in boating for decades. While this anchor type is not ideal for rocky sea bottoms, they work for just about every other type of bottom. They also tend to fit with the majority of bow rollers.

Fluke Anchor

This is another one that is very popular. It is often constructed of aluminum, so it has a lot of strength while being lightweight. It is one of the best anchor types for sand and mud, but not really when it comes to other types of sea bottoms, so be aware of the sea bottom in the body of water you have your boat in. On the majority of bow rollers, it does stow easily.

Plow Anchor with Roll Bar

There are a number of anchors that fit this description. These can be expensive, but the benefits tend to outweigh this element. With most sea bottoms, this anchor will perform very well. Another con is that on a bow roller, it can be hard to stow this anchor. However, it also has a very high holding power.

Now that you know more about anchors, it is time to head to the marina in Monroe, Michigan and take a look at your boat. You want to check out the anchor you have and ensure that it is sufficient. If not, make sure to get a new anchor as soon as possible to make sure that your boat is in excellent condition and has the functionality that you need.


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