Family Boating Activities to Try

When the weather turns warm, it’s time to get your boat out of storage and back into the water. Boating is a great opportunity to get the family to join in a group activity and unplug from the business of our daily lives. If you’re planning on taking the whole family out on the water, here are a few activities to try.

Simply Kick Back and Relax

Sometimes the best form of fun is unscheduled. Take some time to go out on the water and just float. Bring inner tubes to tie up next to the boat so you can float in the lake and simply enjoy the calm water and the warm sun.


There’s nothing quite like fishing. For one, it’s relaxing to just sit back and wait for the fish to bite. Fishing can also be a fun activity where you can prepare and cook your catch on the grill later in the evening. If you have kids, they will light up with joy when they make their first catch, and as they say, “Teach a man to fish…”


Why go out on the water if you’re not going to swim? Kids will have a blast swimming in the lake. It’s enjoyable to just float in the water on an inner tube or just go for a short swim. If you find the right lake, you may even find some hidden waterfalls or rocky banks to explore.


Strap an inner tube to a tow line on the back of the boat and climb aboard. Everyone in the family will have a blast riding the waves and flying through the water. You can find a variety of towlines depending on your needs and skill level.

Waterskiing and Wakeboarding

Like tubing, water skiing is a great activity. Even if you’re just getting started, you’ll be sure to have fun, or you can just relax and be a spectator while others show off their skills.

Wakeboarding is similar activity, and it’s super popular right now. Experienced water-skiers will take to wakeboarding pretty quickly; the daring will have fun trying out new tricks.


Summer, and the Fourth of July in particular, is an amazing time for family adventures. Take the boat out onto the water at night and watch the summer light show.

If you’re in Michigan, it’s important to find the right family boating marina to store your boat before a fun summer adventure. Always remember to practice the best boat safety — make life-jackets mandatory for everyone who joins you on the water.


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