Features that Make for a Family Friendly Marina

There are many reasons to get the whole family involved in boating. Boating is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, making it a great way to bond with each other and form lifelong memories. If you’re a watercraft owner thinking of introducing your family to boating, there are certain features to look for in a marina. From additional recreational facilities to club rooms, internet access, play centers and winter boat storage, Michigan boaters should look for family-friendly facilities to enjoy. Rather than struggle to find a facility, continue reading the article below where the top marina features are listed.

Recreational Facilities

A family-friendly feature that can better your experience with the marina is recreational facilities. Most marinas now offer its members access to amenities such as pools and tennis courts.  Having access to these spaces can help keep the children entertained while on site. These facilities also give children a safe space to run and play, which can be difficult to do around other areas of the marina. Further, participating in these activities can give your family another opportunity to connect with other another. So, if a facility does not offer access to additional recreation outlets, then your family may grow tired of the experience.

Club Rooms

Another feature that can enhance your boating experience is club rooms. Club rooms are usually lounge-style rooms where members can go to relax. This is important for families because it gives people a comfortable place to sit indoors and gather. Spending the day on a boat can be tiring, especially for small children or elderly members. Having access to club rooms gives them a cool indoor space to relax in.

Internet Access

Internet access is a beneficial feature to consider when choosing a family friendly marina. Having access to the internet prevents family members from becoming bored and wanting to leave the grounds. Further, having access to the internet can help to keep everyone entertained because you can easily download shows, watch movies, and play games with the family. Doing this can enhance everyone’s experience and make for an exciting trip.


Having access to restaurants while at the marina is essential for families. Restaurants on the marina’s grounds make it easy for people to enjoy food and prevent delays in the trip. Otherwise, families who visit marinas without restaurants are at risk of having to pack up and leave in order to enjoy a meal together.  Rather than let this happen to you, consider visiting a marina and inquiring about their restaurant facilities before bringing your family.




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