Festive Nautical Beverages for the Next Celebration on Your Boat

After leaving the marina, MI residents want to make the most of their ride. This means having the right food and beverages to keep yourself and your guests refreshed. There are several beverages that are ideal for people of all ages that everyone on board is sure to enjoy.


Orange Slush Punch


A punch is a good option because you can make a large amount at once. Simply mix all of the ingredients in one large bowl and add a ladle so that your guests can quickly refill their cups whenever they want to. To make this punch, you will need orange and cherry Jell-O mixes, orange juice, sugar, ginger ale and boiling water. You will mix all of the ingredients except the ginger ale and put the drink into your freezer. After it sits overnight, break it up and pour the ginger ale over it. The punch stays cold for hours and eliminates the need for ice.


Orange and Pineapple Sherbet Cocktail


This fun beverage is a pretty orange color, making it look like a seaside sunset. For this drink, you will need pineapple juice, ginger ale, orange sherbet and fruit punch. Mix the sherbet and pineapple juice together well. Once mixed, pour your ginger ale and fruit punch on top and the cocktail is all set.


Sparkling Pear Punch


This is the perfect option for an evening party on your boat because it is a more sophisticated virgin cocktail. You should gather pear juice, sugar, fresh pears, fresh lemon juice and ginger ale. Mix all of the liquids together and stir it completely. Place two thin pear slices in each glass as a garnish.


Sparkling Lime and Mint Iced Tea


Iced tea is a must-have when it comes to hosting a nautical party. The ingredients include mint tea, water, fresh lime juice, sparkling water, honey, fresh mint and lime slices. Make the tea and allow it to cool completely. Once cooled, add in your honey, fresh lime juice, and sparking water. Garnish this drink with a lime slice and a sprig of mint.


Basil Lemonade


Lemonade is another important staple for a nautical celebration. You will need fresh basil leaves, prepared lemonade, sliced lemons, sugar, and seltzer water. Mix all ingredients but the sliced lemons together and pour over ice. Garnish the virgin cocktail with a slice of lemon and a basil leaf.


It’s easy to create a signature beverage for your next boat party. These do not contain alcohol, so you can enjoy them whether you are out on the water or spending time on your boat at the marina in MI.



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