Fun Activities for Families with Teens On the Water

After leaving the marina, Monroe, Michigan residents want to think of things they can do to keep the teens onboard entertained and having fun. The key is to find activities that people of all ages can enjoy. Make sure that there is something for everyone so that all people on the boat have a great time.


Sun Bathing


This is one of the simplest activities and one that teens will certainly enjoy because they can kick back and just relax. Make sure that all sunbathers wear sunscreens to help prevent sunburn. Do not lie out for more than 30 minutes at a time and drink water throughout this time to help stay hydrated.


Paddle Boarding


This is a water-based activity that can be done on most bodies of water, whether you are out on the lake, or cruising down a lazy river. All you need are a few paddleboards and paddles, all of which you can rent if you do not own these. This activity is safe and fun. Just make sure that those paddle boarding wear life jackets when on the water.




For a relaxing activity, bring some fishing poles on the boat. You can sit with your passengers and poles and relax as you catch some fish. Once you dock, you can cook the fish for a fresh dinner.


Water Skiing


This is an exciting and adrenaline-pumping activity that adventurous teens are sure to enjoy. If you do not own water skis, you can rent these for a day out on the water. All skiers should wear a life jacket and know that this is a sport that takes some practice to perfect, so expect some bumps in the road while learning.




Everyone enjoys jumping in the water and going for a swim to cool off. This is an activity for people of all ages. Just make sure that all people who dive into the water wear a lifejacket and that no one swims too far from the boat to ensure safety for all swimmers.



As you can see, leaving the marina in Monroe, Michigan is only the beginning. Once you get out on the water, teens and adults alike can have a blast and make meaningful memories


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