Great Bait Options for Fishing in Freshwater

When it comes to boat docking, Monroe residents want to check their bait before leaving the dock. Having all of your supplies in order and having the right bait for fishing in freshwater will help to make your fishing trip more fun. There are a number of bait options that you can explore. Choose those that are focused on the types of fish that you want to catch.




Leeches are a popular choice when people are fishing in lakes and other freshwater sources. You can easily find these out in the wild under leaves or rocks if you are not able to make it to the tackle store. Most freshwater fish eat leeches regularly, so seeing one in the water is sure to attract fish. When used for fishing, they are a common bait option for those trying to catch redear sunfish or walleye.


Meal Worms and Grubs


This is another live bait option and they are very easy to attach to a hook on your fishing pole. You want to hook them lengthwise to get the best results. Many people opt to put several on one hook and this is a good idea. You can use this bait when you are fishing for panfish, trout or sunfish.


Dough Balls


You can make this at home, so it is a very convenient option. The basis for this freshwater bait is cornmeal, water and flour. Once you mix the dough together, you will add items like oils, cotton and similar substances to give it an odor and make it tougher. You want a hook where the shank has a spring wrapped around it. This will help to hold the bait securely when you are fishing for fish like trout and catfish.




You can use many insect types as bait when you are fishing in freshwater for a number of fish types. Common insects that fisherman use include catalpa worms, grasshoppers, crickets and caddisworms. When you are going for smallmouth bass, the insects called hellgrammites are a solid option.




If you have ever been fishing, you have surely used minnows. These are relatively easy to put on a hook and they are already a common food for freshwater fish. This makes them a solid bait choice that you can use when trying to catch most freshwater species.


When you are boat docking in Monroe, this is the time to evaluate your bait. Once you get out onto the water, you do not want to run out. These freshwater bait options are easy to find and you can quickly get them from the marina’s tackle shop before you go on your fishing expedition.

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