How to Keep your Boat Safe and Maintained

When it comes to boat storage, Michigan boat owners want to make sure that they choose a storage facility that allows easy access to their boat. This works to ensure that you can easily perform maintenance on a regular schedule during the off season. Remember that when you perform the right maintenance regularly, you are working to keep your boat safer for when you have a chance to take it out on the water.


Change Your Boat’s Oil in Storage


Once you put your boat in storage for the winter, you should change the oil so that it is stored with fresh oil. You should also consider an oil change before you remove your boat from winter storage. During the summer months when you are using your boat, the general rule of thumb is to change your oil every 100 miles. If you are not familiar with changing oil on boats, employ the help of a boat mechanic who can get it done quickly and correctly.


Make Sure Your Propeller is in Good Working Order


During the boating season, you want to make it a habit to check your propeller on a regular basis. Doing a weekly inspection is a good habit to get into. If something happens to your propeller when you are out on the water, this can compromise the safety of everyone who is on board your vessel. You want to ensure that it is structurally strong and if there are things like dents or more significant damage, you want to get a new one before leaving the dock. When in storage, you want to inspect the propeller when you put the boat in storage and do a complete inspection before taking it out of storage for the summer.


Inspect Your Boat Safety Equipment


Ideally, you will check the safety equipment every time you get on your boat. Never leave the dock before you are sure that all of your safety equipment is in excellent condition and working fine. You should check your safety equipment approximately once a month when your boat is in storage so that you can keep track of how it is holding up in the off season. If you spot a problem, you will be able to tend to it before moving your boat to the water in the summer.


Make sure to pick reputable boat storage in Michigan so that you can be confident that your boat is secure when you do not have it on the water. Create a maintenance schedule and make sure that you do what you can to abide by it so that you can quickly and easily prepare your boat to hit the water when the weather permits.




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