How to Keep Your Boat Safe in the Off-Season

When the off-season rolls around, it is time to look into the different storage options for your boat. Whether choosing outdoor or indoor boat storage, Michigan boaters should explore the primary storage methods and consider the pros and cons. Spending a few hours learning more about each method is all it takes to ensure that you make the right decision.


What to Know About Indoor Boat Storage


This is a solid option for many reasons because it protects your boat from the elements, prevents the need for excessive wrapping, and secures it to prevent theft. However, depending on the facility, you may only be able to access your boat during specific business hours, so make sure that you are aware of any access restrictions ahead of time.


Things to Consider with Outdoor Boat Storage


This is very common and can be ideal as long as you know how to properly wrap and secure your boat. Remember that with outdoor storage, your boat is exposed to the elements, including snow and ice. So if you are choosing this storage option, you have to wrap your boat in a way that allows for the escape of moist air while preventing moisture from accumulating. If you do not wrap properly, a lot of mildew can build up throughout the storage season.


Exploring a Boat Storage Unit


These are very much like a traditional storage unit, but specific to boats. Some of these have more amenities than others, so if you need something specific like electricity, you should call the storage facility and discuss what they have to offer. This allows you to store your boat separately from other boats in most cases, and you can often get a lease that works on your terms.


Facts Concerning Dry-Docking Boat Storage


This is an option that essentially puts your boat onto a shelf in a large warehouse-type facility. Your boat will not be exposed to the elements and weather, so you do not have to worry about these factors putting your boat at risk for damage. While you cannot just stroll in and check out your boat, most facilities will quickly get your boat down and ready for transport within an hour or two of your request during their business hours. Just check on the operation schedule for the facilities that interest you because some are seasonal and not available all throughout the year.


There are a few boat storage options that you want to think about. Contact the storage facilities in your area about the options that they offer, such as dry-docking or indoor boat storage in Michigan. Once you know the options that are within your preferred area, you will be able to quickly choose the best option.


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