Maintaining a Safe Staircase on Your Boat

When in summer boat storage, Lake Erie boaters can take care of several issues to enhance the overall safety of their boat. If you have a staircase on your boat, you probably know how easy it is to trip up the stairs or go sliding down them. This is especially true if there is water present which makes the steps more slippery. While not all falls cause injury, the potential for serious injury is always there. You want to do whatever you can to fall-proof your stairs so that you can avoid injury.

Check the Carpeting

Carpeting on steps can cause problems if it is not in good shape. The first thing you want to look at is whether there are any loose spots, such as carpeting that has pulled away from a step. You also want to look for worn areas and frayed spots because these can cause someone to trip and fall. Make sure that any bad or worn carpeting is promptly replaced. You should also ensure that it is properly secured to the steps to help prevent people from tripping on it.

Add Traction to Each Step

No slip strips can add traction to each step which helps to prevent you from slipping as you go up and down the stairs. These are placed at the end of each step and have a sandpaper feel to them. They are easily placed onto carpet, plastic, wood or any other material, and come in many different colors so you can easily match a strip to your stair color. Just make sure that these strips are properly placed, or they could actually be a hazard. Ensure that the steps are dry when putting them down so that they adhere properly.

Check the Railings and Bannisters

If the railing or bannister is loose, you are at risk for falling. You want to make sure that these are secured to the walls and that there is no wiggle to them. You always want to keep them free of obstructions, such as clothes tossed on them, garland, boating gear and other items that may be placed onto railings and bannisters. If you have someone on your boat who is a bit unsteady, make sure that there is a bannister on each side so that they can hold onto both for better balance when going up or down.

With this information, it will be easier to make sure that the steps on your boat are safe for everyone who is spending time on your vessel. You can take care of these tasks while in summer boat storage on Lake Erie so that your boat is ready to go once you launch it.


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