Make Sure That Your Boat is Eco-Friendly

If you live a green lifestyle, you want to make sure that your boat lends to this. When parked at the marina, Monroe, Michigan boaters can do a number of things to make their boat more green. This not only helps the environment, but it can also help to make your boat a more efficient vessel.


Use the Right Cleaning Products


You know that keeping your boat clean is a critical aspect of the required maintenance. However, you want to ensure that you are using products that are not going to run off into the water and contaminate it. You can easily find boat cleaning products that are eco-friendly that you can take advantage of. In most cases, these products will be able to keep your boat clean.


Know Your Engine


You should know your engine and how to properly maintain it. When you take care of your engine properly and with the right items, this can reduce lubricant and fuel escape, helping to keep the water cleaner everywhere you take your boat.


Know the Marina Rules


All marinas have rules and guidelines that boaters should follow. These rules generally help to ensure safety and they also generally extend to helping the local environment. For example, the marina likely has specific areas for disposing of certain types of trash, such as excess live bait. Make sure to abide by these for a greener marina.


Make Sure to Harvest Responsibly


When you are boating, fishing is a fun activity that can also provide you with a bountiful harvest of fresh seafood. However, do not take more than you plan to eat within a few days or share with friends. You do not want to catch a lot of fish and then let them waste away in your freezer. If you are catching more than you can possibly use, simply catch and release. This allows you to continue to enjoy the sport of fishing without worrying about excess fish languishing in your freezer for a year.


Know Where You Are Boating


When you are out on your boat, you are going to be in places that are more delicate than others on occasion. This means that certain shorelines are more fragile than others. Because of this, you want to tread lightly so that the wake from your boat does not lend to the erosion of the shorelines. When you are mindful of your wake, you are also making the water safer for nearby boaters.


Utilize this information to ensure that your boat is within the guidelines of your eco-friendly lifestyle. Most of this can be done at your marina in Monroe, Michigan so it is easy to keep your boat in optimal green condition.

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