Make Sure That Your Boat is Ready for the Winter Season

When it comes to a marina, Monroe, Michigan, boaters have to ensure that they are constantly providing the right care for their boat. This means that when the winter season comes, there are certain things you have to do that will get your boat prepared. When you take the time to prepare your boat for the winter months, it will reduce the time it takes to get it ready once the summer season comes back around.


Read the Boat’s Owner’s Manual


You have to have the basic winterization information and you get this by checking out the owner’s manual that came with your boat. You want to follow all of this information and make note of your boat specifications for your other tasks. For example, you want to make note of the type of oil that your boat uses. This is because doing some changes to your fluids is part of the winterizing process.


Stabilize Your Gas


One of the first things you want to do before putting your boat in storage is to stabilize your gas. You can get a gas stabilizer and put it into the tank. This is a task that takes a matter of seconds, so it will not inconvenience you at all. There are a number of brands and ratios to choose from. Your owner’s manual can help you make the right choice.


Do an Oil Change


Doing an oil change before putting your boat into storage is a smart choice. Make sure to consult the manual so that you are using the right oil for the job. If you are not familiar with changing boat oil, it is a good idea to leave this to a professional.


Clean Your Boat


Giving your boat a thorough cleaning is an important step before you put your boat away for the winter. This will help to ensure that everything is clean and that no mildew, dirt and other impurities are sitting on your boat’s surface while it lingers in storage.


Make Sure to Take Note


When you are performing these tasks, you want to make a note of when you are doing them. This will make it easier to keep up with any other maintenance that is necessary throughout the off-season. This will also be critical when summer comes because you have to know what you did in the winter to properly get your boat ready for the summer season.


Once you pull your boat from the marina in Monroe, Michigan, it is time to get to work and get your boat ready for the winter season. Make sure that you take advantage of all of this information and be diligent when it comes to your winter preparation work.


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