Make Sure That You Are a Good Neighbor at the Marina

When it comes to the marina, Lake Erie boaters are sure to get to know their neighbors, especially during the warm weather months. You want to make sure that you and your fellow boaters are looking out for one another and that you are a good neighbor. There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that the marina remains a safe and pleasant place for you and those you share it with.


Take the Time to Back in Your Boat


Yes, compared to just pulling into the dock, this takes a little longer, but it is better for everyone. When you back in, you are actually making the docks clearer for those walking them. This makes the docks safer and your fellow boaters at the marina will thank you. Remember that you will benefit too because it is easier to get on and exit your vessel when you back it into the dock.


Go Slow Around the Dock


No one appreciates the wake left behind by a boat speeding around the area of the dock. When you get into the marina go slow to help keep it quieter and more pleasant for everyone. This also helps to increase the safety of the marina for everyone who is on their boat and coming in and out.


Clean Up After Yourself


This surely goes without saying, but it does not hurt to mention again. When you pull garbage from your boat, make sure that you take it and dispose of it properly in the marina trash cans or dumpsters. There are few things worse than trash blowing around. If trash is left on the dock, this also could cause someone to trip and fall.


Know the Marina Rules


All marinas have rules and they are in place to keep everyone as comfortable and safe as possible. Just abide by the rules and make sure to help new boaters when they need it. This makes the entire marina more pleasant for all.


Stop to Say Hello


When you see a fellow boater hanging out, take a minute to say hello and ask how they’re doing. When you make friends at the marina, you can all keep an eye on each other’s boats and you know you will have help nearby if you ever need it.


Being a good neighbor at the marina on Lake Erie is not hard. Remember that when you are good to those you share a marina with you will get good will in return. You might also make a new friend or two with people you already share a major hobby with.

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