Make Sure to Practice Good Etiquette at the Marina

When at a full-service marina, Michigan boaters want to ensure that they have a pleasant experience. Part of this is making sure that your fellow boaters also have a good time when they are at the marina. There are a few points of marina etiquette that all boaters should follow to make sure that the marina is a great place to be for everyone.

Dock Your Boat Stern In

This helps other boaters, but it also makes your life a lot easier. It will take you slightly longer when you are docking, but when you are ready to take off, it will be faster and safer for you and every boater around you. While this is important for all boats, it is especially helpful when you have a boat that has a rather large pulpit or bow.

Shut the Gear Down

You might stop at another marina to dock your boat and then get out to explore or enjoy a meal before you head back out onto the water. When you do this, shut your boat down completely. Do not leave it running or leave on elements, such as your marine radio or an onboard television. The noise from these and your engine can be annoying to fellow boaters, so keep this in mind.

Go Slow and Steady

There is never a good reason to speed around the marina, so take it slow and move at a cautious pace. When boats are speeding in this area, it greatly increases the chance of an accident occurring. A boating accident not only causes damage to the boats involved, but it can also damage the docks or even cause serious medical injuries. So, go slowly and allow other boats the right of way when you can. This makes the marina a safer and nicer place for everyone who is there.

Clean Up After Yourself

You surely do this already, but you have probably run into your share of trash just left lying around and it is not fun to clean up after other people. It is a good idea to have some trash bags onboard so that you can quickly get rid of all garbage in the fastest and best way possible. Of course, while it is frustrating, you should also pick up any litter or loose trash that you see lying around.

You can see that the right marina etiquette is likely what you are already doing. However, it never hurts to refresh your memory about these points. When you do all of these, not only will you find the marina a nicer place to be, but you will take a big step in ensuring that all boaters enjoy your favorite full-service marina in Michigan too.

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