Marina Etiquette

When it comes to using a marina in Monroe, Michigan, one of the most important things to do in order to make friends there is to be considerate of others. Indeed, by simply trying to see things from one’s neighbor’s perspective, lots of behaviors that are not correct should be gone. Nevertheless, there are some pointers that may prove to be helpful.

Slow It Down

When arriving at one’s marina in Monroe, Michigan, it may be tempting to rush in order to get home as quickly as possible. However, at the end of the day, the tendency is for people to be tired and thus react slower, which increases the chances of a boat accident. In addition, by going slowly there’s the added benefit of not creating a disturbing wake, which may bother one’s neighbors.

Dock with the Stern In

While backing into one’s slip may take a longer time, it does come with benefits. First and foremost, it makes getting on and off one’s boat that much easier. More importantly, it offers a clearer walking way on the docks, which is especially crucial for boats that have big pulpits or bows.

No Clutter

One should coil their dock lines, stow their watersport gear and life jackets, organize any power cords for the shore, and put cleaning supplies away at the end of the day. This is because it is getting dark after all, which makes it hard for others to see such hazards, which may make it more likely for them to trip, which is certainly not a pleasant way to end a beautiful day out on the water.

Shut Everything Down

When one is planning on leaving the boat to explore their marina in Monroe, Michigan on foot, all gear should be shut down. This includes lights, CD players, radios, TVs, and pretty much anything else that could bother one’s neighbors while the individual is away.

Be Fast

Don’t waste time when doing things like packing and unpacking the boat, or fueling the boat. While boaters can be extremely patient, having to wait around for someone to leave the fuel dock or the launch ramp can be frustrating. Having a plan in place for such activities is a great idea, and may help speed things along.

Ask about Rules

Most marinas have their own set of established policies that ensure a peaceful experience. There may be rules that are shared among all marinas, like the ones above, and there may be some house rules that have to do with specific situations that have arisen in the past at that location. A good way to find these out is by having a chat with the manager.

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