Options for Summer Boat Storage

A boat is a huge investment, which is why storing it in a place that’s just right compared to one’s own backyard is important. There are several options to choose from, depending on the size, and it’s important to be aware of each method’s pluses and minuses before making the choice for summer boat storage on Lake Erie.

Small Boats

This category includes those that are less than twenty feet in length. One method of storing it would be upside down. This is quite a common method, and if it is blocked off the ground, it provides good air circulation. Another method is on a trailer, but in this case, it needs to have some sort of cover, protecting it from the rain and leaves. Some choose to place their vessels on a dry rack or rack n’ launch at a marina on Lake Erie, which requires a forklift for placing it on a multi-story storage rack. Finally, for those who are lucky enough to have waterfront property, there is the option of installing equipment to pull their vessels out of the water when they’re not being used.

Midsize Boats

This category works for those between 20 and 32 feet long. For these, there are methods that work just as well as for their smaller counterparts. These include the trailer, dry rack or rack n’ launch, and lift. One thing to mention here though is that for trailering, though in theory it is possible to trailer vessels of up to 32 feet, it works best for those that are up to 26 feet, simply because the costs of the tow vehicle and trailer would be far too much. Additionally, for this category there is the wet dock option, which is the easiest option for summer boat storage on Lake Erie.

Large Boats

This category includes those that are longer than 32 feet. For them, there is only one option for summer boat storage on Lake Erie, and that is the wet dock. Having them in the water between uses is the most practical option. Indeed, moving them away and to the water constantly is simply too hard. The great thing about this option is that it allows the owner to use their vessel as a cottage since most marinas have water and full electrical hookups.

The size of the vessel is the chief decider of storage locations, but even within a certain size category, there are several options for owners to choose from.


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