How to Pick the Best Boating Lines

When a vessel is in boat storage, Michigan boaters should take the time to inspect it and ensure that everything is in good working order. One element of your boat that you might not think about is the lines. You need to use these for many things, so it is important that not only are they in good condition, but also that you are using the right lines for your vessel.


When you see yellow lines on a boat, there is a strong chance that they are made of this material. Lines made of this material are commonly used for towing dinghies and wake boards. It is made up of synthetic fibers and it also floats, which makes it beneficial for several boating activities. It tends to not last quite as long as nylon and the sun can damage it, so make sure that you check it often and replace it as soon as you start to notice wear.


This is a popular material for boating lines for many reasons. For the most part, it is cost-effective and since lines need to be replaced on occasion, you want to find a material that will not break the bank. This type of line can be used on many areas of your boat, including with your anchor. There are many benefits associated with nylon, such as it resisting abrasion, absorbing energy and being very strong against sun damage.

Sailing Lines

When it comes to the lines used on a sailboat, it is important that you go for those that are the highest quality. There are a number of lines that are specifically made for this type of boat and this is what you want to look for so that they can take care of the job.

Know the Color Code

In addition to the information above, you also have to know what the different colors mean so that you are able to get the lines that you need for the various activities and parts associated with your boat. The following are four of the most common colors that people get and what the colors stand for:

-White is often used for mainsail sheet and halyard

-Green and red can be used for spinnaker

-Blue can be used for jib-genoa

-Black can be used for travelers and vangs

The lines you use on your boat really do matter. It is critical that you not only have enough and that they are in excellent shape, but that your lines are sufficient for your boat. You can use this information to make the best choice and ensure that your vessel is equipped before taking it out of boat storage in Michigan.


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