Picking the Right Marina

Just like an individual’s family, a boat needs to have a great place to call “home,” and that’s why there should be a lot of thought put into the choosing of a family boating marina in Michigan. There are things that help individuals make a decision they’ll be happy with for years and years to come.


With this, one has to ask whether the marina provides great anchorage. If it leaves the boat exposed to winds and short period surface waves, or to the wash of passing vessels, it is a problematic one. Berthing the boat after using it is quite difficult if the environment it is done in is windy and full of waves. Not only this, but if one wants to stay on the boat overnight, having it bounce around constantly will prove to offer an unsatisfying night’s sleep. Finally, if the boat moves too much, this puts strain on the ropes.


If the family boating marina in Michigan is accessible in all tides, it’s a winner. The variance of tides and timing differs from marina to marina. If one is located at the end of an estuary, it could have a lower tidal variance than those located closer to the ocean. Essentially, one should ask about the depth of water as far the approach, fairways and berths go, at dead low tide.

Fenders and Cleats

Berthing a boat is all about getting it into berth, and placing the lines on. Even a skipper with a great amount of experience can have difficulties if the ropes are all messed up. A good marina will be able to provide no less than 4 double cleats for each berth, or more. These cleats should be big enough so that the ropes can easily pass through, and sturdy enough to keep the vessels into place.


Considering the kind of boating one likes is another factor one should keep in mind. The family boating marina in Michigan one will choose is going to be the launching point to the boating lifestyle one will live. If the marina provides a great variety of places to go, keeping things fresh and interesting, then it’s the one.


Finally, one has to get to the marina one way or another, and it will mostly likely be with a car. Parking near a waterfront location tends to be scarce, because by definition, land is at a premium there. As such, it can be quite frustrating to have to spend a long time looking for a parking space. Even when parking is limited, a great marina should have other options for its customers.

Making the right choice for berthing one’s boat will have an immense impact on his or her boating experience. Thus, putting some thought into this decision is highly important.


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