Preventing Falls on a Boat

While docked at the marina, Monroe, Michigan boaters want to take a look at their boat and see if there might be areas that can be improved. Since boats are in water and water gets slippery, reducing fall risk is a major concern for people. The good news is that with a little knowledge and preparation, it is easy to ensure that your boat is safe. For the most part, the methods you take are no different than what you do in your home to prevent falls.

Falls can lead to serious health issues, such as fractures and head injuries. It is important to keep your boat as safe as possible and there are many quick and easy things that can be done to accomplish this. A little bit of time can ensure that your boat is safe and works to prevent falls instead of causing them.

Eliminate the Water

Keep an absorbent mop on your boat so that you can quickly remove any water that is accumulating. This is especially important when you are on the water engaging in watersports since every time a person comes back onto the boat, they bring water with them.

Remove Throw Rugs

Throw rugs can move, bunch up and slip out from under you. These should all be removed so that they do not present a hazard. If you need rugs in the cabin of your boat, consider an area rug that grips the floor well or simply carpet the floors that you need rugs on.

Look at Cords

Many items in your boat’s cabin rely on cords to power them and this can become a major hazard. There should never be a cord where people are walking because this can result in tripping and falling. Secure all cords behind and underneath furniture so that it is not in the path where people walk around your boat. On the outside areas of your boat, consider battery-operated items and eliminate cords completely.

Fall-Proof Your Steps

The stairs are a common source of falls on a boat, but this can be prevented. You want to make sure that any carpeting is snug against the stairs and that it is not frayed or worn. You can also place strips at the end of each step to help add more traction. These will help to prevent slipping and tripping as you are going up and down the stairs.

You can see that spending an hour or two inspecting your boat and making a few changes helps to reduce the risk of people falling when they are onboard. You can easily take care of this before leaving the marina in Monroe, Michigan.

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