Quick and Easy Winter Boat Storage Tips

When it comes to boat storage, Monroe residents want to ensure that their boat is fully ready for the winter months. There are a number of things to do to ensure that your boat is prepared for the cold weather. All of these tasks should be completed and do it before storage instead of waiting and doing these throughout the winter.


Change and Prepare the Boat’s Coolant


Before heading into the winter months, you want to ensure that your boat’s coolant is properly attended to. Start by doing a flush of the coolant system so that everything is clean and fresh. After you flush per the owner’s manual instructions, add the amount of coolant at the proper dilution according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This will ensure that the engine components do not corrode or freeze during the colder months.


Take the Time to Change the Boat’s Oil


Before the winter storage season, you want to take care of an oil change. This is done just like every other oil change you do, so it is a relatively quick and simple process. Having fresh oil in your boat before winter helps to protect the engine and makes getting your boat ready for the summer season faster and easier.


Take Off Your Boat’s Drive Belts


You do not want your drive belts to crack when your boat is in storage for the winter months. Before putting your boat in storage, you want to either remove the drive belts completely or at least significantly loosen them. This will prevent the belts from breaking due to tension that can occur when the boat is in storage.


Spray the Engine with Fogging Oil


During the cold temperatures of winter, you want to take extra steps to keep the moving components of your engine protected. Fogging oil is an easy way to do this. You want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions about how and when to apply this oil. In general, it is applied either through the boat’s spark plug holes or into the carburetor.


Grease Your Boat’s Steering Mechanism


Keeping the parts of the boat’s steering mechanism moving smoothly by greasing them before putting your boat into winter storage. It is important that you pay special attention to the joints and put a healthy amount of grease on them to keep them in good working order during the cold weather months.


As you can see, proper winter boat storage in Monroe involves some preparation. These are all tasks that are quick and easy for experienced boaters to accomplish so their boat is ready to sit safely throughout the cold weather months.



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