Quick Tips for Choosing the Best Boat Insurance For Your Needs

When having a boat at the marina, Lake Erie boaters want to ensure that they are carrying the right insurance on their boat. There is some information that you can use to ensure that you have the right amount of insurance to protect yourself and your boat.


Understand General Boat Insurance Policies


Just like other types of insurance, there are different policy types and insurance options when it comes to boats. You want to explore a variety of policies and think about how you use your boat. Make sure that the policy you choose covers your usage and the way in which you use your boat.


Shop Around With Different Agencies


It’s easy to just add a boat insurance policy onto your existing list of insurance, but even though your current insurance meets your other insurance needs, it does not mean that it is the best choice for boat insurance. You want to shop around and learn more about what different companies have to offer. Make sure to go with the company that has the best reputation and rates that fit your budget.


Pay Close Attention to Navigational Limits


When you are looking at your policies, you want to pay particular attention to the navigational limits that are on the boat policies that you are looking at. This specific aspect of boat insurance will tell you how far you are allowed to travel off shore in your boat. Make sure that the policy that you choose does not restrict you too much or else you could run into trouble if something happens to your boat outside of the navigational limits.


Do Not Be Afraid to Ask About Discounts


Most insurance companies will offer some kind of discount. Ask about the discounts they offer and what you need to do to qualify. For examples, some companies will offer discounts to boat owners who are willing to take a boating safety course.


Closely Examine Any Layup Periods


Layup periods are common with boat insurance and usually occur during the winter months. This basically means that during the winter when you are in a layup period, your coverage is not as extensive as it is in the summer months. So, if something happens, you may end up having to pay more out of your pocket to make boat repairs.


Whether you spend more time in the marina at Lake Erie or out on the water, you need the right insurance to ensure that you are fully protected. Use this information to evaluate your current insurance so that you can ensure that it is sufficient.



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