Quick Tips to Easily Maneuver Into a Boat Slip

When it comes to boat slips, Michigan boaters know that they all tend to vary. Because of this, having some tips about getting in and out can help boaters to park their boat or get it out onto the water faster and more easily. This also reduces the risk of minor accidents that are relatively common when inexperienced boaters are learning how to maneuver in and out of the slip.


Go Very Slowly


Experienced boaters will often tell new boaters that when you are driving toward the boat slip, go at the speed you want to be at if you hit the pier. This means that you want to go very slowly just in case you do come into contact with the pier. Plus, when you are going slow, it is easier to correct yourself if a collision occurs. This will protect your boat and the dock against damage that you would likely be liable for. If you are fighting against wind, momentum, and current when you are working to park your boat, be gentle when giving your boat a little extra power to get it into the slip.


Stick to Using the Engines


It might sound odd, but experienced boaters swear that when you are getting into the slip, you have a lot more control when you use the engines only and keep your wheel centered. When you are only using the engines, if you start to turn the wheel, there is a chance that your boat may take a path that you are not prepared for. So, it is best to keep it centered and put your focus on the engines.


Make Sure That You Look at the Slip


Before you get ready to pull in, take a minute to look at the slip so that you know what you are pulling into. Even if you are familiar with the slip, you still want to do this because you want to be sure that it is free and ready for your boat. For example, something could have fallen into the water and you can potentially collide with it.


Know What to Do if the Wind is Strong


When you are out on the open water, the wind can be harsh at times and you need to make sure that you can work with it when you are trying to put your boat into a slip. You want to reduce your windage when the winds are heavy. This is especially important if your boat is small since heavy winds can make docking considerably more difficult.


There are many tips you can use to make getting into and out of boat slips in Michigan easier. Whether you are new to driving a boat or experienced, it never hurts to learn more so that you can keep your focus on enjoying your days out on the water.



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