Quick Tips for Proper Boat Engine Maintenance

Before leaving the marina, Lake Erie boaters want to ensure that their boat engine is properly maintained. This will help to make sure that the engine does not cause you any difficulties when you are out on the water so that you do not get stranded. Make sure to perform this maintenance on a regular basis to keep your boat’s engine in proper working order.


Flush Your Coolant System Regular


You want to make sure that your coolant system is in good working order at all times. Part of regular boat maintenance is flushing your coolant system and putting in fresh antifreeze. How often you need to do this will depend on your boat and the owner’s manual specifications. You can also talk to a qualified boat mechanic to get this information.


Change Your Oil On a Regular Basis


You want to change your boat’s oil on a regular basis. Your owner’s manual will give you the basic guidelines about how often this task should be performed. You should change your oil filter at the same time you change the oil. This will ensure that all of the parts of your boat’s engine are properly lubricated when you are out on the water.


Make Sure to Lubricate Your Carburetor


This task is generally done when you put your boat in storage and when you take it out of storage. However, there are times when this has to be done more often. You will using a fogging oil for this task and it helps to protect all of the moving parts of your engine.


Check Your Drive Belts


If you mostly only use your boat on the weekends, you want to check the drive belts approximately once a month. You want to ensure that they are not cracking or pulled too tightly. If you notice any structural problems, you should replace the bad drive belt before your next boating excursion. When you are checking these belts, it is a good idea to get into the habit of checking all of the belts on your boat to ensure that they are structurally sound.


Check Your Spark Plugs


Just like a car, your boat has spark plugs that can go bad too and require occasional replacing. If you notice that one of your spark plugs is not firing properly, it is a good idea to check them all. It is important that you do not go out on the water until all bad spark plugs have been properly replaced.


As you can see, performing your boat maintenance at the marina in Lake Erie helps to keep your boat in tip top shape. Make sure to perform all engine maintenance on a regular basis so that you can reduce the likelihood of any engine problems affecting your time out on the water.



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