Start the Boating Season with a Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Party

After getting the boat out of boat storage, Monroe residents can kick off the season with a cocktail party. These are relatively easy to plan and host. They involve an intimate group of friends, soft music, chilled drinks, small snacks and dim lights. A cocktail party allows you and your guests to unwind and catch up in a simple yet sophisticated atmosphere.

The Cocktails

Since it is a cocktail party, you will need cocktails, but you should use non-alcoholic ones. This is a good idea since you are on a boat and no alcohol is the safer choice. Having sparkling cider, a variety of juices, fruits and types of soda will be sufficient. You want some sours mix and grenadine. As for the juices, cranberry, grapefruit and orange are the most popular and you can mix these with your sparkling cider. Consider also making some punch for your guests.

Decorations and Invitations

The invitations you use to invite your guests should be simple yet sophisticated. They should reflect the overall theme of the party and should be repeated in the decorations. Decorating your boat for a party is easy and it inevitably sets to mood for the event. Keep your decorations simple and try to stay away from themes such as Hawaiian or Asian. Choose some center pieces, a few vases with fresh flowers and some decorations for the tables. Table decorations can include table cloths, flameless candles and confetti.


Though the focus of a non-alcoholic cocktail party is not food you will need some. Finger foods and chips and dips are good ideas. Finger foods can include a cheese tray, a sandwich tray, a vegetable tray, a fresh fruit tray, mini egg rolls, a bread tray, mixed nuts, pretzels, chips and crackers with dips, chicken wings (with a variety of sauces on the side) and sushi. Make sure to have some plastic butter knives and forks, small plates and napkins available for your guests.


When it comes to ambiance, keep the lights low and place a few flameless candles around the cabin. You might consider some string lights for this. You can easily weave these around the rails and hang them from above to provide soft, but effective illumination.

You can see that kicking off the boating season with a small non-alcoholic cocktail party is something you can quickly put together. Invite a few close friends and plan this for a week or so after getting your boat out of boat storage in Monroe and giving it a good cleaning.



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