How to Stay Safe at the Marina

When it comes to staying safe at the marina, Monroe, Michigan boaters should take a few things into consideration to make sure that they are safe at all times. There are some general guidelines and precautions that will help to keep you and everyone who visits your boat safe.


Ensure Proper Lighting By Your Boat


You want to make sure that you can see well when you are on the docks to prevent a slip and fall. If you are on your boat when it is still dark out, either early morning or late evening, you want enough lighting. You can opt to add some lighting to enhance what the dock is already offering.


Always Move Very Carefully Out On the Docks


When you are out on the dock, make sure that you move slowly and cautiously so that you do not fall into the water. If the dock is wet, be mindful of this and take extra care. This is especially important if it is cold out and the docks have ice on them. Wear shoes with proper grip so that you are not slipping and sliding around on the docks.


Be Mindful of the Weather


You know that when the weather is rough, it can be dangerous to be close to the water. Make sure to check the weather reports and know what to expect before you head to the marina. If there is a storm looming or it is very windy, you may want to consider skipping a trip to the marina for the day. Wait until the weather clears so that it is safer to be so close to the water.


Adhere to Any Time Restrictions


Some marinas have hours where no one should be at the marina. In most cases, these hours are when it is dark out. When it is dark out, it is more likely that something bad can happen, such as tripping on the dock and falling into the water. If there are time restrictions, adhering to them can keep you safe.


As you can see, staying safe at the marina in Monroe, Michigan involves taking a few simple precautions and guidelines. Make sure that everyone who joins you at the marina takes the same precautions.



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