Summer Care and Maintenance for Your Boat

No matter if you’re at the marina in Monroe, Michigan or you’re somewhere else entirely, it’s important to care for your boat during the height of the season, as well as off-season. We’ve put together a list of some of the tasks you should do to keep your boat in tip-top shape.

Keep Your Boat Clean

You should wash your boat regularly. When you’re washing your boat, use a brush that has soft bristles and a long handle so you can easily reach everywhere, and not scratch the topcoat. The best product for washing the surface of a boat is marine boat wash, but car wash soap works well. If you’re in a hurry, a small amount of laundry soap will work as well.

Oil Change

You wouldn’t let your car go without an oil change, and you don’t want to let your boat go without it either. A boat’s engine needs oil to function well, and you should be in the habit of checking your oil before you go out on the water — every time. Look to see if the oil is dark, and check to see when you’re due for service. If either of these things happens, get your oil changed before you hit the water. Neglecting this can lead to significant (and potentially expensive) engine repairs down the road.


Several times during the season, you should have your propeller looked at. What you’re looking for specifically is used fishing line. This fishing line can get wrapped around the propeller and can cause problems when neglected. Fishing line can actually cause leaks in the gearbox, so if you see fishing line on the propeller shaft, take it in for service before going back out on the water.

The other things you want to look for are dents and damage on the propeller. If you see missing paint, that’s fine; however, dents or other signs of impact can be problematic. Even minor prop issues can cause the boat to work extra hard, using up more fuel. It could potentially also cause damage to the bearings and seals if left unchecked, as they cause additional stress.

In the long run, putting in a little bit of work now will save you a lot of work (and expenses) further down the line, which is why it’s super important to take of your boat on season and off.

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