Three Tips for Good Boat Maintenance

It’s great to have a premium item like a boat because it can help the family relax during the hot summer months. It’s a nice leisure item for going out on the water and just enjoying nature. With this type of luxury, there’s a certain level of responsibility to maintain. Although it’s made to go on the water, there a few elements that make it sensitive to the watercraft. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on things and find the right staff to take care of it at a marina on Lake Erie. Here are a few things to help keep the watercraft in good working order.

Wash the Watercraft Before and After Use

Different elements can easily make the watercraft age a lot faster. Freshwater is best for keeping things clean and getting rid of any residue left. Find someone who knows how to clean the boat properly. Also, it’s important for them to know the right solvent to use on the metal parts of the boat to prevent corrosion. Make sure the finish is nice to give it a polished look afterward. The next thing to do is make sure there’s fresh fuel in the engine.

Keep Clean Fuel in the Engine

Engines are very sensitive, especially in the water. After 100 hours of use, it’s time to change the oil in the engine. Remember to dispose of the oil properly. Contact a local recycling center, because they have staff members who can collect the oil and reuse it in a more environmentally friendly manner. Now, it’s time to fill the tank up with a fresh oil supply. If the family lives in a place where boating is an all year kind of event, then it’s a good rule of thumb to change the fuel at least a couple times a year just for safety reasons. This is to help prevent the engine from getting any major problems. Also, it’s important to monitor the small things to help keep everything working well.

Do a Thorough Check of the Boat

Time happens and the paint may start to scrape up. There’s time to spruce things up with a paint job. However, the real key is to look at any major dents, loose screws, or anything else that can impede the experience on the watercraft. It’s all about keeping things safe and secure so the family can enjoy their time together. Regular maintenance and checkups will prevent any disasters from occurring. Additionally, more money can be saved over time by diagnosing things before they become a major issue.

Taking the time to monitor things regularly will help keep the boat in the family for a long time.


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