Tips to Ensure That Your Boat is Severe Weather Ready

When it comes to boat slips, Michigan boaters do not have to worry too much about the direct effects of a hurricane. However, severe storms are something to consider. All boaters should have some general knowledge about severe storm preparation, especially if you plan to ever take your boat elsewhere for a vacation or something similar. When you are properly prepared, it makes it easier to keep your boat safe.

Create a Plan in Advance

The last thing you want is to be scrambling to get your boat protected once you know that severe weather is coming. It is best to craft a plan at the start of each boating season. Once you get word that the severe weather is coming, it will be fast and easy to put your plan into place.

Remove Your Boat from the Water

This is the ideal action you will take should severe weather be approaching where your boat is. Keep in mind that with this type of weather, the marina will be busy with other people looking to remove their boats too, so be patient. Start early if you can so that you do not have to wait in long lines to retrieve your boat.

Tie it Down Tight

If you are not able to get your boat out of the water, you want to make sure that it is tied down and secured as tightly as possible. You might also consider taking it to a smaller area, such as a canal, and docking it there until the storm is over to help keep your boat secured.

Use Your Anchors

If your boat must stay in the water, in addition to properly mooring it, you also want to take advantage of the anchors. This will work with the lines to ensure that your boat is as secured to the water as possible. Use more than one anchor if you have them.

Severe storm preparation is something that all boaters need to be aware of, no matter if they venture out into the ocean or spend most of their time at boat slips in Michigan. You can use this information to create a plan for your boat to reduce the risk of hurricane-related damage.


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