Tips to Keep Kids Safe On Your Boat

Taking your boat out is a great way to bond with the entire family. You just want to make sure that all of your passengers are safe so that you can make memories without anyone getting hurt. When it comes to children, there are some special considerations you want to make to ensure the highest level of safety for all of your minor passengers. When it comes to a marina in Monroe, Michigan boaters should start here with their safety efforts.


Always Have Life Jackets in the Right Size


It is critical for life jackets to perfectly fit the person wearing it. If they are too big or small, they can slip off the person wearing it, leaving them without a life jacket when they are out in the water. You should take the measurements for every child who will be on your boat and go to a store that offers a variety of life jacket options. Have a sales associate help you to find the right sizes. Having the children with you so that they can try on the life jackets is also a good idea to ensure the proper fit.


Make Sure That All Railings Are Secure


Make sure that the railings on the boat are secure and that nothing is loose. You should inspect all railings every time you take the boat out as part of your regular safety inspection. Always replace any worn or broken hardware before you go out on the water.


Talk To Your Children About Boat Safety


You want to make sure that your children understand what is involved in staying safe on the boat. Things like not running around and staying away from areas where they could easily fall in will help to keep them safe when you are out on the water. It is a good idea to reiterate what it takes to keep them safe on a boat at the beginning of each boating season so that the information is fresh in their mind.


Ensure an Adult is Always Close to Small Children


If you are taking small children out on your boat, you want to ensure that an adult can see them at all times. This will help to prevent children from getting curious and doing something that could put them in harm’s way on the boat.


As you can see, when you start preparing for safety at a Marina in Monroe, Michigan, once you get out onto the water, you can focus on the fun and not worry yourself with someone getting hurt. Simply make a small checklist and look it over before leaving the dock to ensure that all of the child safety methods are done before each ride.



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