Tips for Winter Boat Upkeep

When it comes to indoor boat storage, Michigan residents can help to keep their boat safe during the winter months. There are other things you want to do too so that once the warm weather hits, you can easily have your boat ready to hit the water so that you can enjoy your time exploring the lake. Remember that when you maintain your boat, you will also prolong its life and help to preserve its value.


Maintain Your Inboard Engine


Doing an oil change during the winter helps to keep your oil fresh and goes a long way in preserving your engine. Since you are not driving your boat at this time, you can also do an engine flush to remove the old coolant and replace it with coolant that is fresh. While you do this, take the time to change out the boat’s transmission fluid and do a check on all of your other fluids to ensure that they are clean, fresh and full.


Thoroughly Clean and Inspect Your Stern Drive


You want to take the time to evaluate your stern drive and do a complete cleaning. Start by removing all plant life that may have attached themselves to the lower unit. Once this is done, you can do a complete physical inspection to look for any damage or imperfections that require your attention. Ensure that the oil has no moisture in it so that you know whether a seal requires replacing. Check all of your lift pump and hydraulic steering fluids and make sure your fittings are properly greased.


Maintenance Tips for Your Outboard Engine


During the off season, you can give your outboard engine a little extra love. Change the oil and take the time to flush the engine just like you would do with your onboard engine. Make sure that the threads and propeller shaft get a thorough greasing with water resistant grease. Use soap and water and give the engine a thorough cleaning to remove gunk.


Properly Fuel Your Boat for Storage in Winter


How you need to fuel your boat will depend on what is stated in your owner’s manual. Some boats do best when filled with fuel and a stabilizer and others recommend only adding a stabilizer. Regardless of how you need to fuel, you should change your water separators and fuel filters.


As you can see, a mixture of using indoor boat storage in Michigan and performing the right maintenance tasks will keep your boat in top notch condition all throughout the winter. So, when the warm weather hits, all you need to do is perform your beginning of the season maintenance and get your boat in the water.


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