What To Care For In A Outboard Boat Engine

The next time that you head to a full service marina in Michigan, take a little time to look around and see what types of engines the different boats are using. Chances are that you’re going to be seeing a lot of outboard engines. If you were to travel somewhere else with a saltwater marina, chances are you will probably see even more of them. To be fair, there’s a very good reason for this. Many of the top brands in outboard engines offer great power for their weight and are relatively easy to work with in terms of upkeep. Along with this, you’ll be able to find an outboard engine that can match just about any boat, whether we’re talking about size, horsepower, or single/multiple setups. Here are some of the elements that should come in mind whether you are making an upgrade or replacing a damaged/worn boat engine.

One of the best ways to break down some of the different maintenance hacks you can apply to your engine is to look at things not in terms of the whole machine, but the different individual parts and systems. This makes it easier for you to start compartmentalizing potential procedures and repairs you want to look into. A good place to start his is the cowl, also known as the hood. This protects the powerhead and other parts from getting immersed in the water with a rubberized gasket and compression latches. As a boat owner, you should be looking to check these components from time to time to make sure they are working properly and not allowing any water to get in.

The powerhead references the boat’s actual engine and its different components, including the fuel injection system, control module, starter, alternator, and other key parts. With a two-stroke oil injection system, you need to make sure that you regularly fill the oil injection reservoir and take the time to clean the filter screen. The same applies to a four-stroke, but you need different oil. In addition, you also need to make adjustments to your valves. Just like a car, your manual will help you put together a timeline to get service. Something you may want to do more regularly is taking the time to flush your engine with fresh water every time that you go out. Some engines have special ports you can attach a garden hose to specifically for this purpose.

Let’s close the conversation by talking about the propeller, which is going to be the key component that actually delivers the different degree of power to the water from your boat. To make sure this happens, you want to get a propeller that is the right size for your boat and also in a solid condition. This means looking regularly for damage-and not just the obvious types of damage like a missing piece of a major dent. Even a blade that is bent a little can have a large impact over time.

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