Your Pre-Boat Outing Plans

When it comes to any sort of family outing, vacation, or trip, one of the biggest things that are going to make it a successful one is making sure that you put in some sort of planning. For example, a beautiful day could be tainted if you’re missing a certain item you meant to bring, or have to cut your trip short because of a mechanical issue. Whether you are still getting used to your first boat or consider yourself a skilled professional, it’s a good idea to have a basic set of plans to work through every time you get ready to hit the water. Be sure to keep these things in mind before you set out from a marina on Lake Erie.

A major part of the prep work is just knowing what to pack. Part of this is subjective based on your plans and the duration of your trip. For example, if you plan on spending a whole day out or even staying on the water overnight, make sure that you have enough drinks and food, as well as places for people to rest. However, there are other things that you want to make sure that you do that aren’t as subjective. For example, everyone should have basic safety items like life jackets, including specialized options for diving, jet skiing, and other activities.

Other things that you want to make sure that you pack are a first aid kit. Even if there’s nothing major that takes place. Basic items like antiseptic wipes, aspirin, gauze pads, splints, and others can help you attend to minor issues so you can keep having fun. Something else worth looking into is making sure that you bring your tools on board as well. Hopefully, you won’t need to use them. Along with specialized tools for your type of boat, basic things like a wrench, socket set, pliers, and a flashlight should be in any boat owner’s toolbox.

One good step you want to take on a routine basis (so not necessarily every time you go out on the water, but often) is checking the bilge pump and cleaning it out. By taking a regular look at this and keeping an eye out for potential leaks and corrosion, you can get ahead of potential problems before they become huge ones. You may notice this is starting to become a common trend. Another thing worth doing is making sure that even if you know the area and aren’t traveling far, is to make sure that you chart your course and test any navigational equipment you have.

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